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On visiting the website ( through any electronic device or website and purchasing products and services, are liable for accepting the Terms & Conditions of the company. At the time customers have started visiting the website, the application of terms & conditions started working.

Browsing is an online buying platform of refurbished electronics like desktops, laptops, printers, mobile phones, tablets & other accessories for professional and personal use, accepting by the customers. You also agree to the fact that we don’t sell products for illegal and unsecured use, neither we have systems used for illegal means. Our promotions and advertisements are strongly self-created without any offense and neither have we engaged customers for our personal benefits.


Customers need to follow certain rules and regulations of the government for using our website.

  • Customers should strictly follow TRAI rules to filter mobile numbers and recommend TRAI rules
  • If any customer fails to follow TRAI guidelines, he/she is responsible, questionable and answerable for any activity instead
  • In case any user is not following TRAI Guidelines and sending marketing SMS OR making sales calls to subscribers, in that case third-party users can take effective actions against the non-registered users.

Complete Agreement

The entire agreement represents bonds between the customer and with respect to the use of the software’s & services and overthrows noticeable communications, proposals, with written & oral, between the customer and

  • There are variant database from different sources
  • Discounts & offers on may differ and can change without any notice.
  • Refund policy is applicable only in given terms & conditions
  • Customers should convey their whole set of needs while communicating with
  • After buying our products, customers are already registered with our terms & conditions.
  • All Rights are reserved by the company
  • Terms & conditions may get added or edited at any time.

For Users Agreement

  • I hereby declare that I will register my mobile number under TRAI Guidelines
  • I declare that I will not use the email ids and mobile number for any illegal means after buying
  • I consider that all the terms & conditions can be edited by the anytime without any notice
  • Offers & Discounts will change without any notice
  • I hereby declare that all the information provided are acceptable.

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